Batman would overpower Gotham Knights, says game's exec producer

Batman won't be revived in 'Gotham Knights' because he'd take up "all the space".

The hotly-awaited WB Games Montreal game's executive producer Fleur Marty has insisted the DC superhero's absence has made the title "so much more interesting".

She's quoted by GamesRadar as saying: “It simply wouldn’t have made it easier to have Batman present at all, actually, because anywhere he is, he just takes up all of the space, he takes all of the air out of the room, and so it was so much more interesting to start afresh without him."

Lead writer Ceri Young agrees, adding: “I think [Batman’s absence] really drives these characters. There are various points where each finds themselves asking: ‘If Batman were here, I think this is how he’d handle it’. But they don’t have him, and so they have to figure out how to do it their own way and that’s where a lot of their interest and drive lies.”

Although she didn't give any spoilers away, Marty teased a "funny moment" in the game when choosing to play two of the same character.