Sheila Watko: Philadelphia reporter goes viral naming 15 Beyonce songs in traffic segment

A traffic reporter from Philadelphia has joined the and is loving it. Sheila Watko of NBC10 recently dedicated her entire segment to Beyoncé while delivering her morning traffic update. She perfectly name-dropped some of the 28-time 's best singles back-to-back without missing a beat.

A longer video posted by Watko on Twitter shows her coworkers Erin Coleman and Keith Jones joining in the fun and naming songs. Tina Knowles-Lawson, the singer's mother, uploaded the original clip with the caption, "This is awesome!! All Song Titles" while showing love for the fun moment.


Watco thanked her co-anchor and said, "I always love it when you 'Say My Name,'" referring to Destiny's Child's 1999 hit single. She continued, "If you're just waking up, I hope that you had some 'Sweet Dreams' 'cause traffic is getting 'Heated' and it's starting to 'Break My Soul' just a little bit." She didn't stop there. She also named 'All Up In Your Mind,' 'Listen,' 'Beautiful Liar,' and 'Countdown.'