JonBenét Ramsey murder: Cops urged to use advanced tech to re-test DNA on 3 key pieces of evidence

BOULDER, COLORADO: ’s murder has still not been solved, even after nearly 26 years. However, a team of volunteer investigators and a detective's daughter think they know where the should be focusing on to move to the next stage of the investigation. Cindy Smit-Marra, who is the daughter of late detective Lou Smit, is on a mission to solve the cold case along with investigator John Anderson. The two are part of a team of about 12 investigators who continued the late Lou Smit's work.

The team insisted that the next stage of the investigation should be carried out on the basis of three different key pieces of evidence which includes the six-year-old beauty pageant queen's long johns, panties, and under fingernails. introduced the "intruder theory" that shook the case by proving that the six-year-old's parents were innocent. Initially, Boulder police and the court of public opinion believed John and Patsy were involved in JonBenét's murder that took place during Christmas in 1996 before Smit's involvement. Unfortunately, Smit died before he found a suspect, but he left behind a treasure trove of information that his team didn't want to go to waste.