Indonesia arrests 3 foreigners for drug distribution in Bali

Authorities in Indonesia arrested three foreigners for distributing cocaine on the Indonesian resort island of Bali at the end of July.

Officers from the National Narcotics Agency seized 844.6 grams (1.9 pounds) of cocaine along with other drugs including MDMA and cannabis from the three suspects, who are identified as British, Brazilian and Mexican.

At a news conference Friday, Gde Sugianyar Dwi Putra, chief of Bali National Narcotics Agency, said the officers arrested the British man, who they suspect is the lowest-level distributor of the three, July 21 at a villa in Badung district after receiving some information about his alleged activities.

The officers then arrested the Brazilian man, who is suspected of concocting drugs, at a separate place. The Mexican man, who has been in Bali since 2012 and is allegedly in the top level of their network, was arrested later.

“We are still running the investigation. The entry of the cocaine will most likely come from Europe, because this cocaine entry route is specific," Sugianyar said. "It is produced in South America, sent to Europe, and from Europe it is spread to other countries, including through Indonesia.”