'Worst nightmare': Mom recalls TERRIFYING moment when fairground ride with her 3 kids strapped in SNAPPED

TALLMADGE, OHIO: A unfolded when a mother witnessed the mechanical arm of a snap off, untethering the seat that her three children were strapped to. Upturned, the three kids were left trapped and shouting in fear.

Tessa Brown, the mother, said that her children went on the 'jet ski simulator' at the Summit County Fair in Tallmadge, on July 29, 2022. She had shared a picture of the children moments before they sat on the ride.


According to a report by , Brown, a personal banker, said that the jet ski ride's mechanical arm snapped off mid-way during the ride. In a Facebook post, Brown recalled , claiming the boat seat fell with her kids strapped in. The upturned boat was on top of the screaming children as they cried in horror.

As per , park officials revealed the car fell around 18 inches to the ground. They said that the kids did not receive any major injury because they were strapped in.