'Worth it': Kim Kardashian undergoes 'painful' Morpheus laser treatment for stomach-tightening

Keeping her curvy figure and flawless skin in tip-top shape is what is known for, and now some fans know how she does it. On August 3, the uploaded a photo to her Instagram Story showing herself getting a tummy-tightening .

"This is a game changer! I had the Morpheus laser at @DrGhavami's spa to tighten my stomach," she wrote over the photo in white lettering. "I believe this is my favorite laser, but it hurts like hell but it's worth it!"


Kim returned to her Instagram Story to show off her toned physique after taking a BodySpec company-provided body composition test. Kim explained that the company's truck can be used to measure body fat, bone density, and other things from the inside. She gushed as she gave fans a glimpse inside the BodySpec van, saying, "Takes about 7 minutes to get all the results and do a body scan." The founder of SKIMS then disclosed that her findings were extremely encouraging and that she has bones that are "stronger than 93-97 percent of people."