So, How Is It Really? Wearing A Scarf Top In 2022

When I was growing up, were a defining trend for cool kids. It was the early 2000s, an era when celebrities like and often sported as tops, baring a lot of skin and inspiring teens and young adults to do the same. I can still remember the first time I asked my mom if I could wear one when I saw a girl sporting a royal blue scarf top at the supermarket, to which she replied: “You’re too young for that.”

So, when the trend came back around this summer — now thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Rihanna, as well as designers like and — I was excited to finally get to live out my dream. But, while wearing a makeshift top badly tied around your chest seems like a great idea to a 9-year-old kid, putting it to practice as a 27-year-old professional is an entirely different game. Still, in the name of Britney, Christina, and Beyoncé — the holy trinity of my childhood — I was determined to try it.

I had a few big-enough scarves at my disposal to test the trend without having to actually invest in it. For the first look, I went for a scarf featuring a boob print from one of my favorite Puerto Rican designers . I paired it with a classic , denim shorts, and low-heeled sandals for a work day (my current office is a coworking space, so dress codes are not an issue). While the outfit was comfortable at first, I quickly found myself pulling up the top throughout the day to avoid a mishap in public, and wondered many times why I hadn’t thought about using some body tape to make up for the slippery nature of the silky scarf. This made me realize that this trend has no place in my office-ready closet.