Oh, Snap: 9 Fashion Trends From the ’90s That Are Still All That and a Bag of Chips

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If you’ve looked at or Instagram (or flipped through a fashion magazine) lately, you’ve probably already noticed that are back. Over 20 years after the decade ended, many of its most iconic fashions (think: and Mom jeans) that were once mocked are now being embraced by .

Such is the cyclical nature of , and with looks—from to goth to hip-hop, and more—throughout the decade, there’s certainly a lot of inspiration to pull from. Here are just a few of the many ’90s trends that have reentered the culture lately. Just don’t wear them all at once!

1. Scrunchies

Once in a 2003 episode of , this humble—and stretchy—fabric hair tie has since become popular again. More comfortable and forgiving on sensitive manes than the typical elastic, the scrunchie has been rediscovered for its versatility, ease of wear, and ability to add an unfussy extra bit of style to a casual outfit.