Édgar Ramírez: 'I have family members dying of COVID'

NEW YORK (AP) — Édgar Ramírez wants people to understand that although the world is starting to come out of the pandemic, the fight is not yet over.

The Venezuelan actor told The Associated Press on Wednesday that his own family is suffering gravely because of COVID.

“Many families ... continue to be affected, including mine in a terrible way,” Ramírez said in a remote interview from Los Angeles. “At this very moment that I am talking to you, I have family members dying of COVID, so it is very important that we remain alert and attentive to this disease because it has not ended.”

While he did not specify which relatives he was referring to or where they were, he stressed the importance of avoiding fake news, trusting science and getting vaccinated.

“Remember that our grandparents and our parents defeated polio and smallpox with vaccines, and that it is very important to be very careful because in times of fear there is a lot of misinformation,” Ramírez said.