'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 15: Why do FBI agents want Beth and the girls to break law?

Every time Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) on thinks she's out of someone's clutches she's brought right back in. Beth who as we have seen in the last few episodes is running for a seat on the city council and from the sounds of it seems to be quite a hit with potential voters. Beth is not exactly running for the seat out of civic pride but rather to get some dirt on Rio's (Manny Montana) 'brusin' that is brother and cousin together since we still don't know which he is. The FBI seems to think that Nick (Ignacio Serrichio) is involved in several nefarious activities using his status as a councilman for cover.

understandably feels that she has struck gold when Nick shares with her some plans that he has for an upcoming recreation center for the city, which looks like exactly the kind of cover for money laundering, bribery, and extortion that (Lauren Lapkus) and (Jonathan Silverman) have been alluding to. But when Beth tells them about Nick's plan they are less than impressed. They tell Beth that to even move further with her information they need a warrant and since they are both technically on vacation they can't get one.