Where are Scooter Braun and Yael's children? Taylor Swift's arch-nemesis files for divorce

Scooter Braun's married life was reported to be in shambles earlier this month after he and his wife of seven years, Yael Cohen, were said to go their separate ways, however, there was still hope that they would salvage their relationship as they were only planning to be on a break. Divorce wasn't on the cards for the couple and their friends reportedly spoke to a couple of tabloids telling them they had known about their separation for over a month. Fast forward to July 21, Braun filed for divorce from his wife just two weeks after reports claimed they weren't thinking of ending their blissful marriage.

has had a rough couple of years, his woes beginning way back in 2019 when his came to a head in June that year. His company, Ithaca Holidings LLC acquired Big Machine Label Group and all of its recording assets which also included the rights to Swift's first six albums. The acquisition cost a whopping $300 million and thus began a bitter back and forth between the country-pop idol and following a very public denouncement by the former for being stripped of the rights to own her work.