John Lydon brands Sex Pistols music request for TV drama to 'slave labour'

John Lydon has compared a 1998 music licensing agreement struck by the Sex Pistols to "slave labour".

The 'Anarchy in the U.K.' band's former frontman appeared in court in London on Wednesday (21.07.21) to give evidence after being left furious that their music is to be used in director Danny Boyle’s FX drama series, 'Pistol', which is based on ‘Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol’, the memoir of his former bandmate Steve Jones.

Lydon - who already blasted Boyle for allegedly making the programme without his participation or consent - described the 23-year-old agreement as "like a total trap or prison".

Jones and the group's ex-drummer Paul Cook are suing Lydon - who was also known by the stage name Johnny Rotten - for trying to stop their music being used, as they claim the BMA (band member agreement) has a clause which means decisions regarding the use of their back catalogue is decided on a “majority rules basis”.

Lydon told the courtroom: "I care very much about this band and its reputation and its quality control and I will always have a say if I think anything is being done to harm or damage [it].