Mary Berry’s Simple Recipe for Double-Baked Mushroom Souffles

(Bloomberg) -- Mary Berry is a like a favorite aunt whose warmth and intelligence make you love her and want to impress her at the same time.

She’s kind and softly spoken, but with a sharp mind and a presence that has won her millions of fans around the world for TV shows such as the The Great British Bake Off. And now she has a new series on the BBC, Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts.

I decided to try a recipe from the accompanying cookbook Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts (BBC Books, £26) for double-baked mushroom souffles with cheese. It is not as difficult as I expected, though my version was far from perfect.

I broke one of the six required ramekins before I even started, and the ovenproof dish I used was too small at 22 centimeters (8.7 inches) by 15 cms. The trickiest parts for me were stiffening the egg whites, and popping the souffles out of the ramekins. Oh, and I also managed to burn the souffles, but only a little bit. Apart from all that, it was all tickety-boo.